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Therapeutic and Relaxing Massages
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Your Wellbeing in the Hands of Professionals

The Best Therapeutic Massages in Madrid.

As is well known, therapeutic massages have an almost immediate positive effect on your body.

When you come and talk to our therapist you will feel the confidence and tranquility you are looking for.

As well as the active listening, we pay attention to each case we deal with on a daily basis in order to create a truly tailored and personalized treatment plan to give you the relief you desire.

We work with different techniques and modalities to adjust to your needs.

We use and adapt them to make your session a unique, comforting, vitalizing experience, whether it is for chronic pain, acute pain, or just looking to release accumulated stress and tension.

Just book your APPOINTMENT for one of our 60, 90 or 120 minute sessions, it’s easy!

Professionals very well trained in each technique and modality of massage will be happy to treat you.

Relaxing Massages in Madrid

Come and feel wellness with the different techniques that we propose to release the accumulated tension, fatigue and stress that you have accumulated.

If you are looking for a relaxing full body or localized massage, you have come to the right place.

We work with various techniques such as Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage, Swedish Massage and Californian Massage that are already well known today and that really provide that wellness you need to continue with your day to day.

Prior assessment of the therapist about the needs you have and where is the most accumulated tension in your body, and work on it to return the balance you need.

Come, Relax, you will love it.

Therapeutic Massages in the center of Madrid

Thanks to the Professional Massages that our therapists perform, we are able to alleviate more chronic and strong discomforts that are concentrated in the body.

Loosen tight muscles, increase body flexibility among others, more focused on soft tissue and muscle tissue.

Pain in the lumbar and cervical spine are the most focused points and the most requested area to be worked by our therapists.

Although there are also other areas of the body that require attention and care through the various massage techniques.

For this, we work the Decontracting Massages in specific areas or combined with the rest of the body as well.

Techniques such as Deep Tissue Massage, Neuromuscular Massage, Activated Isolated Stretching, among others that you can find in detail in our Blog.

Learn more techniques here:

Couples Massage in Madrid

Duo Massage. For 2 persons.

The experience can be more complete, comforting, and bonding with that person you love and would like to share this moment of wellness.

For this reason we have adequate and prepared rooms to take advantage of this massage session for two (2).

In our space you can breathe a lot of calm and peace from the moment you arrive until the end of the session, so it will be easy to disconnect from the noise of the street, the day to day, the stress and fatigue that you have accumulated.

In these sessions we are usually asked for more Relaxing style Massages, although we also make an effort and ensure that if you have any area that requires more work and effort (contractures…) it will be taken care of gratefully.

Qualified and well trained therapists will be with you at this massage session to unwind and start again with all the strength and energy your life requires.

The Best Shiatsu Massage

Apart from the Relaxing and Therapeutic Massages we offer, we also like to go beyond the Physical and unite it with the Spiritual.

This massage technique known as Shiatsu has benefits and a peculiar way of being performed.

You can get all the advantages of this technique, here in Madrid, very close to you.

And we have certified therapists from Japan & Spain.

Learn more about this technique here:

thai massage in madrid

An authentic practice of Thai origin here in Madrid is waiting for you.

A combination of deep static and rhythmic pressures, as well as dynamic stretching.

We combine several manual massage techniques: Pressing, Acupressure, Gentle strokes on the area to be worked on, Pushing, rocking, deep breathing; as well as stretching

Want to learn more about Thai Massage?

Check out our Blog Here

Swedish Massage near you

Swedish Massage is a Relaxing and Therapeutic Massage in a more classical style.

Its basic objective is to relax your whole body, improve circulation, reduce body pain significantly…

Balance body and mind to feel truly at Peace with everything around you.

Learn more about this technique here:

Decontracting massage Madrid

If what you need is to relieve the discomfort caused by contractures and normalize muscle tone, we can help you!

They are usually a localized overload: Trapezius (neck, shoulders and upper back); neck muscles; triceps sural (back arm) or paravertebral (base of the skull to the sacrum) and are relieved by massage techniques in order to release naturally: endorphins.

We take into account the origin of these contractures, we work on them and we could also recommend certain stretches and postures to correct or avoid their frequent appearance.

Cheer up and take care of yourself, we are here for you!

Listen to your Body

We Give Wellness.

We take time on your first visit to evaluate and look for patterns of misalignment and compensation that are contributing to the pain you are carrying in your body.

It is an analysis that would take us an average of 10 minutes, but it is extremely important to be able to execute our various modalities of work and attack the problem or condition that is bothering you so much.

In this way your Therapeutic Massage & Relaxing Massage session becomes exponentially more of a Positive experience.

Come and get to know us, start to feel the real Wellness Today!


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We are dedicated to a wide variety of Wellness Services and Techniques that you may be looking for.

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